Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Power of Your word and its Impact on Your Results, by Michelle Shimmin of Shimmin Consulting

Recently on a flight to Los Angeles, I spent a long time pondering what was different about the message the flight crew sent during their initial overhead announcement as they declared, “We have now started our food and beverage service.” The end of this announcement went something like this … “We do not accept cash.” This is the same announcement I’ve heard multiple times each week as I travel from city to city. But what was different about today’s announcement? Then it hit me. The announcement is usually a happy voice stating that “we are a cashless cabin” as they then proceed to talk about their food and beverage service. The simple variation in the same message, that airplanes do not accept cash, left me feeling very, very different. When I heard that this airplane did not accept cash, I initially thought, “Well that’s not very customer-service oriented”. Whereas, the message I’ve heard many times before has never left me feeling this way. I’ve often thought how progressive the airline is in today’s day and age of increased technology … “We are a cashless cabin”. Think about it. It is the same message – you have to use a credit card if you are going to purchase food or drink. However, the impact the difference in verbiage had was significant in how I felt.

Similarly, I completed a training call with a Treatment Coordinator earlier today where we discussed the differences your words have in influencing your patient’s and how they feel.  The example we role-played was the process of presenting a financial investment (fee quote) to her patients and how, when you are offering an option of a ‘pay in full courtesy’ – the impact of your words, in how this is stated, can have a dramatically different result. In this example, I had witnessed the words, “a slight savings if you paid in full”. Think about the greater impact this Treatment Coordinator would have in the patient’s thought process if the statement went something like this, “And we have an additional, significant savings available to you, if you choose to pay your portion in full.” Is it an additional savings? Yes. What defines significant? A $200 savings is significant to many people. Do you see the difference in how each sentence is stated?

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Signature Consulting's Frequently Asked Questions...

I often get asked many questions over and over again during my lectures, events or practice workshops. Be sure to keep up to date on my blog for periodic posts that will try to address some of these questions to hopefully help you in being more successful in your practice.

FAQ: (A parent leaves exam because they) Need to Talk to Spouse:

What I first confirm I’ve done is to provided the information to this family in the way they need it. In addition, I realize that most likely the other spouse already is aware they are visiting the orthodontist and that treatment would be recommended. The parents have either had a concern or the dentist has referred them for orthodontic treatment. When I can provide the best information to this family, addressing their concerns and building a value point to fit into their lifestyle, there is less likely of needing to talk to the spouse prior to starting treatment. In the event this still occurs, I follow up the next day, asking if the spouse had any questions that I hadn’t provided the answers to and how I can be of assistance in getting their child started with the recommended treatment. They don’t feel pressured when I’m providing them this gold standard level of care, when confirming that the spouse’s questions and concerns were addressed.

If you have any questions send me an email or reach out to me via phone, your question could be the next FAQ feature on my blog. I would look forward to hearing from you!
Michelle Shimmin
CEO, Lecturer & Practice Consultant

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Signature Consulting Frequently Asked Questions...

I often get asked many questions over and over again during my lectures, events or practice workshops. Be sure to keep up to date on my blog for periodic posts that will try to address some of these questions to hopefully help you in being more successful in your practice.

Q: Why would you not put months of treatment on the fee quote or contract?

A:  We do not want our patients to associate their financial arrangements with how long they are in treatment. This plays into effect significantly if you are providing Accelerated orthodontics, especially. Our treatment fees are based on: complexity of treatment, appliances used and results expected. When we associate our treatment fees with financial arrangements, patients might feel they are owed money back if you complete treatment faster. I educate our patients that as a courtesy to them, doctor offers a zero percent in-house financing where we can spread your monthly payments out ‘X’ amount of months (I always go a few months shorter than the estimated months in treatment). We still inform the patients how long the estimated treatment time is, however, I just do not put it directly on the contract itself.

If you have any questions send me an email or reach out to me via phone. I would look forward to hearing from you.

Michelle Shimmin
CEO, Lecturer & Practice Consultant

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Shimmin Signature Consulting Online Webinar -

Getting Parents to 'Yes': Boost your teen conversion rates with Invisalign clear aligners

Learn how Invisalign treatment can be a better choice for teens, get comfortable handling parent objections, and watch your practice's teen business grow!

When: May 8th 2015
9am - 10am (PST)
12pm - 1pm (EST)

Where: Online webcast (link provided with registration email)

Register here:

Michelle Shimmin (Shimmin Signature Consulting), an expert Treatment Coordinator, will demostrate what to say when parents raise concerns. Michelle will also present exciting new research on teen confidence, showing that Invisalign treatment may be the best choice for both parents and teens.

You will learn how to:
Bring new patients to your practice using new research on braces and teen confidence. Handle objections from parents by watching a role play between a parent and Treatment Coordinator. Produce and present clear, flexible, and competitive treatment quotes.

It's not too late to register! Get your practice and team registered for the most talked about, exciting, and educational learning experience for your practice team!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Signature Pearls Practice Newsletter

Our latest issue of our 'Shimmin Signature Practice Pearls' newsletter is out now! In this issue, discover why blogging can be important for your practice, learn about referral letters, find out where & when Michelle will be lecturing next and so much more! Be sure to sign-up for your copy by contacting us on our SSC website - Complimentary practice assessments available to get your practice reaching new goals in 2015!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Practice Programs Designed by Shimmin Signature Consulting

Part of our commitment to completely tailoring our services for you, begins with programs and training opportunities that will have the largest impact on your team, allowing you to see immediate results after our time together. These effective training programs allow us to enhance your teams service and patient care experience around best techniques, efficient processes, sales, and continual practice promotion. Here's a list of our most popular practice programs; contact our Shimmin Signature Consulting team for a complimentary practice assessment, where we will put together a customized practice program for you & your team!

Your Practice, Your Office Manager

The benefits of an office manager, not only to the profitability and leadership of your practice, but to your peace of mind, frees you up to do what you specialize in and enjoy: Taking tremendous care of your patients. This program involves training in exceptional leadership ability to inspire your staff to excellence. Training in accountability and practice management processes promoting financial growth. This is valuable in setting up a position and role that has not been in your practice before or by customizing and narrowing the true leadership skills and responsibilities of your existing office manager.

Case Acceptance and the New Patient Process

One of our specialties is the new patient process and the exceptional quality interaction between our patient and professional partners in the community. We believe this form of care is what creates and supports a commanding referral program inside and outside of your practice and we will show you what it takes and how to accomplish it. Each patient interaction or new patient exam is not the same. We do not just give you a notebook or steps to follow, claiming that is the answer to conversion rates desired. We actually train you and your staff how to recognize and adapt each patient interaction to effectively influence that patient's decisions.

Internal and External Referral Program Implementation

This program puts together the processes and systems it takes for a dynamic referral program, turning your patients and professional partners into your practice advocates. This program specializes in team synchronization and the positive impact this has on a commanding referral program within your practice.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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