Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shimmin Signature Consulting: About Us

Signature was started out a of a passion for teaching and training others to understand the enormity of the impact they have on others and how that represents personal and professional success. When your team succeeds, your practice and your business succeed. Our goal at Signature is to give you and your team the tools to understand human nature and the significance we have to effect and impact our patients lives, not only through their smiles, but through the relationships we build with our patients and professional partners.

In helping doctors and team members truly understand this impact, we are giving you the step-by-step guide to a powerful referral program, all within our exceptional quality of care.

Signature believes in setting up systems and processes as complete, recorded steps for efficient training, streamlining your practice through each new employee, saving you both time and money. Visit our website to view more information about customizing a practice program - we offer Dental and Orthodontic practice management programs, workshops, in-office intensives, social media and brand marketing programs, lectures and meet our team behind it all! Contact us to get started today!