Friday, October 10, 2014

Signature Consulting: The Importance of a Consultant to Your Practice

Shimmin Signature Consulting is dedicated to your success - training the proven methods to raise the bar on the services you provide your patients, taking your practice from good to extraordinary. We inspire your team and give them the tools to consistently meet goals, growing your production and collections each month.

One of our specialties is the "New Patient Process" and the highest quality interaction between our patients and professional partners in the community. We believe this form of care is what creates and supports a commanding referral program inside and outside of your practice, and we will show you what it takes and how to accomplish it. Each patient interaction or new patient exam is not the same. We do not just give you a notebook of steps to follow, claiming that is the answer to conversion rates desired. We actually train you and your staff how to recognize and adapt each patient interaction to effectively influence that patient's decisions around, not only choosing your practice and the recommended treatment, but in when they schedule their appointments, their treatment and financial compliance, and the referral of their friends and family.

The results you get are the direct reflection of your communication techniques.

Signature motivates each team member to 'think outside the box' and beyond their initial job description, desiring to invest in the total success of your practice. Signature moves employees away from the 'clock in/clock out' mentality of work and motivates and encourages all team members to be 'partners' in your business and a vested winner in it's accomplishments.

The field of Dental and Orthodontics, and the type of service we provide our patients, is constantly evolving. Michelle is an inspirational leader and motivator with the knowledge and background of dental and orthodontic business management, giving her the ability to turn any willing practice around. Michelle's approach starts from the inside out, allowing your practice to shine at it's brightest.

As a doctor and business owner, you are the expert in your field of study. You either have purchased a practice with existing staff, are building a practice and hiring staff, or looking to setup new systems and processes to take your practice to the next level. The benefit of bringing an expert in to put all those pieces together for you, in your facility, is crucial.

Your practice deserves clear plans to achieve its optimal potential. The return on your investment of hiring a specialist in practice management and team motivation is invaluable. Visit our website for more practice programs, workshops, Michelle's lecture and events schedule, practice marketing & office branding, and more! Contact us to get started today!