Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Signature Consulting's Frequently Asked Questions...

I often get asked many questions over and over again during my lectures, events or practice workshops. Be sure to keep up to date on my blog for periodic posts that will try to address some of these questions to hopefully help you in being more successful in your practice.

FAQ: (A parent leaves exam because they) Need to Talk to Spouse:

What I first confirm I’ve done is to provided the information to this family in the way they need it. In addition, I realize that most likely the other spouse already is aware they are visiting the orthodontist and that treatment would be recommended. The parents have either had a concern or the dentist has referred them for orthodontic treatment. When I can provide the best information to this family, addressing their concerns and building a value point to fit into their lifestyle, there is less likely of needing to talk to the spouse prior to starting treatment. In the event this still occurs, I follow up the next day, asking if the spouse had any questions that I hadn’t provided the answers to and how I can be of assistance in getting their child started with the recommended treatment. They don’t feel pressured when I’m providing them this gold standard level of care, when confirming that the spouse’s questions and concerns were addressed.

If you have any questions send me an email or reach out to me via phone, your question could be the next FAQ feature on my blog. I would look forward to hearing from you!
Michelle Shimmin
CEO, Lecturer & Practice Consultant